Best Diversion Safes for Your Car

I’ve written about diversion safes before. See what is a diversion safe. A home diversion safe can be a great way to give some protection to your valuables. After all, someone robbing your house isn’t really likely to look inside your deodorant stick (yes, really!), right?
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Well, your house isn’t the only place you’ll want to hide stuff from thieves. In fact, it might be even more useful to have an automotive diversion safe for your car. There are only so many places to hide valuable stuff in a car.

Where to hide valuables in a car

Obviously, leaving your valuables on the seat or anywhere visible through the window is a bad idea. Having flashy rims, or a new, booming stereo system visible to passersby can also be an invitation to thieves.

The best way for someone to not rob your car might be to have an older, nondescript car. According to this report, the top five brands of cars most likely to be broken into are, in order, Smart, Bentley, Land Rover, SsangYong, and Peugeot. I’ve never heard of SsangYong before, but the others are all newer, nicer cars that will stand out. The list of cars most likely to be stolen shows a similar pattern. It starts with BMW, then moves to Bentley, Audi, Land Rover, and Mercedes.

Of course, even if you know not to leave your GPS visible on the dashboard, sometimes you need to carry valuables in the car. Maybe it’s money, or a check, credit card, cell phone, or GPS unit. Where should you hide a GPS unit in your car?

The problem with cars is that there are only a few hiding places to choose from. You could stick stuff in the glove box, but I know if I was breaking into a car (which I’d never do!) the glove compartment would be the first place I’d look. Under the seat is an option, but again, it’s way too obvious to be effective. So how do you solve this? Make your own hiding place!

Car diversion safes

A good car diversion safe is the answer to where to hide valuables in the car. Remember, the purpose of a diversion safe is to be a hiding place that looks like something else. There are lots available for your house, but not as many for your car.

You could make your own diversion safe for your car by keeping your valuables in a bag in the bottom of your car’s garbage bag. No thief is going to dig through old fast food wrappers looking for treasure! Of course, you probably don’t want to either…and what if you accidentally threw away what you’re trying to protect? So, that’s not really an ideal option.

WD-40 Safe on AmazonHere’s a good one: A fake can of WD-40. No one would think twice at seeing a spray can of WD-40 lubricant rolling around in the trunk of a car, but it’s too much of a bother for someone to steal. What a perfect hiding place in your car or pickup truck for money or jewelry!

Fake cigarette lighter on AmazonOr this one. It’s a fake cigarette lighter. Again, it’s something that every car has, but who would even think of stealing it? It can’t hold much, but it’s a great storage spot in a pinch for some valuable medication, papers, lottery tickets, or cash.

Sadly, it doesn’t work as an actual lighter, but hey, smoking kills. No one actually uses the car lighter for a lighter, do they? Aren’t they really just annoying plugs for covering the cell phone charger or GPS plug?

Finally, you could also just use another diversion safe for your car from your house. Just make sure it’s something that looks like it could belong in an automotive, like this fake lint roller.

Hopefully this gave you some ideas. Diversion safes work! Just make sure you’re using them to protect stuff that’s legal for you to have – The FBI has issued a bulletin about them, so cops know to thoroughly search anything that could be concealing something else.

10 Surprising Hiding Places for Valuables

There’s nothing worse than getting home and finding your house broken into, or having it ransacked and your valuables stolen. No matter how good your home security system is, or how friendly and observant your neighbors might be, there are always professional burglars out there who can bypass the security system and make off with your most valuable possessions.

The good news is that burglars are in a hurry. The longer they stay in a house, the more likely it is that someone will come home and catch them, or that a neighbor will notice and call the police. Thieves want to be in and out of a house within under 10 minutes.

Due to the little time that they have, burglars won’t have time to search every single place at your home to find your valuables. They’ll be quickly looking through the most likely hiding places and grabbing whatever they see out in the open.

Let’s look at some creative hiding places for valuables in your house to hide what’s most likely to be stolen: jewelry, cash, documents and passports. If they don’t see it as they run through your house, they won’t take it!


10 Hiding Places for Valuables

1. The Freezer

Photo Credit: Aine D via Compfight cc

Credit: Aine D via Compfight cc

Wrap your emergency fund cash and rarely used credit cards in aluminum foil. Put them in a plastic bag, seal it, and place it in the freezer.

You can label the bags as something else, like “Leftover Porkchops” or something more creative, like “Pig’s Liver for Examination.” This will help discourage anyone from checking what’s inside. An old sour cream container labeled as leftover soup in the back of the refrigerator works too.

2. Children’s Room

A kid’s room is full of toys and other stuff. Burglars don’t bother going through kid’s stuff as they see it as a waste of time. Take advantage of this and hide your valuables in toys your kids don’t play with.

You can also hide cash in the battery spacing, inside a dollhouse and toys that have compartments that can be opened. Just make sure you don’t accidentally donate the toys to Goodwill or somewhere similar with money still inside!

3. Tampon Box

The idea sounds funny, but it works. A robber would not even think of it. The box is large enough and can store a sizeable amount of cash. You can even leave genuine tampons or pads in the box and keep cash or documents underneath.

4. Garage or Basement Drain

All you need to do is make a simple fake drain in the floor. Then just put money in a waterproof container or bag and lower it into the fake drain. Check out some other ideas for disguised safes here.

5. Yard

Yard Hole

Credit: ishane via Compfight cc

This might be the oldest method of hiding stuff in history, but it still works. You can store a large amount of valuables in the front yard or the back yard. Make sure no one is around to watch, then just dig holes to put stuff in.

Obviously, make sure your valuables are inside something that will keep the dirt and water away.

Keep in mind that if you’re in a cold climate, it’ll be hard or impossible to dig up your treasure during the winter when the ground’s frozen.

Also – and this should go without saying – you need to have a way to remember where you buried your stash. You don’t want to have to start a camp like in the movie Holes to get your stuff back!

6. Books

Books have gained popularity when it comes to hiding valuables. Most burglars are not interested in literature, and most popular books have little resale value, so thieves have no interest in what’s on your bookshelf. Hide currency or documents in between the pages of a book, then put the book in a shelf full of other books.

7. Book safes

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If you want to be a little more fancy about it, you can buy a safe disguised as a book. Or, you can make one yourself by making a hole inside of a book you’ll never read. In the middle where there is a hole, you can store small amounts of cash. Getting an online book safe is much better as it has a lock and key and some even have a magnetic snap enclosure. The book safes are very effective when put in a bookshelf with other books.

8. Wall clocks

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You can also get safes disguised as wall clocks. Basically, it’s a working clock that just happens to have a compartment at the back that can be opened and acts as a storage vault in your wall.

As thieves ransack the house, they might glance at the wall clock to see how much time they still have, but they won’t be stopping to check what’s behind the ticking clock!

Of course, this won’t work if the clock itself looks too valuable, so a mundane, uninteresting clock is best. You don’t want a clock that looks like it would be worth stealing!

9. Household and Pantry Products

Everyday household items such as soup cans, soda cans, or cleaning supply canisters are also great places for storage. Either store stuff in an empty can, or you can buy a pre-made one online. A burglar will see no value in these items, especially when they’re mixed with other ordinary household items.

10. Permanent House Fixtures

This is done by installing fake light switch, air vents, electrical wall outlets and thermostats. These can a bit difficult to set up, but they are some of the best decoys. If you’re going to be in your house for a long time, a fake permanent fixture is a great option.

All of these options for hiding your valuables rely on the fact that thieves will be in a hurry as they rush through a house. Basically, it’s security through obscurity. None of these will help against a thief who knows what they’re looking for, though, so don’t show your neighbors or guests your hiding places!

And yes, thieves can read articles like this and get ideas on where to look, but with enough creative hiding places, they aren’t likely to find your unique spots!