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Best Diversion Safes for Your Car

I’ve written about diversion safes before. See what is a diversion safe. A home diversion safe can be a great way to give some protection to your valuables. After all, someone robbing your house isn’t really likely to look inside your deodorant stick (yes, really!), right?
Deodorant Safe on Amazon
Well, your house isn’t the only place you’ll want to hide stuff from thieves. In fact, it might be even more useful to have an automotive diversion safe for your car. There are only so many places to hide valuable stuff in a car.

Where to hide valuables in a car

Obviously, leaving your valuables on the seat or anywhere visible through the window is a bad idea. Having flashy rims, or a new, booming stereo system visible to passersby can also be an invitation to thieves.

The best way for someone to not rob your car might be to have an older, nondescript car. According to this report, the top five brands of cars most likely to be broken into are, in order, Smart, Bentley, Land Rover, SsangYong, and Peugeot. I’ve never heard of SsangYong before, but the others are all newer, nicer cars that will stand out. The list of cars most likely to be stolen shows a similar pattern. It starts with BMW, then moves to Bentley, Audi, Land Rover, and Mercedes.

Of course, even if you know not to leave your GPS visible on the dashboard, sometimes you need to carry valuables in the car. Maybe it’s money, or a check, credit card, cell phone, or GPS unit. Where should you hide a GPS unit in your car?

The problem with cars is that there are only a few hiding places to choose from. You could stick stuff in the glove box, but I know if I was breaking into a car (which I’d never do!) the glove compartment would be the first place I’d look. Under the seat is an option, but again, it’s way too obvious to be effective. So how do you solve this? Make your own hiding place!

Car diversion safes

A good car diversion safe is the answer to where to hide valuables in the car. Remember, the purpose of a diversion safe is to be a hiding place that looks like something else. There are lots available for your house, but not as many for your car.

You could make your own diversion safe for your car by keeping your valuables in a bag in the bottom of your car’s garbage bag. No thief is going to dig through old fast food wrappers looking for treasure! Of course, you probably don’t want to either…and what if you accidentally threw away what you’re trying to protect? So, that’s not really an ideal option.

WD-40 Safe on AmazonHere’s a good one: A fake can of WD-40. No one would think twice at seeing a spray can of WD-40 lubricant rolling around in the trunk of a car, but it’s too much of a bother for someone to steal. What a perfect hiding place in your car or pickup truck for money or jewelry!

Fake cigarette lighter on AmazonOr this one. It’s a fake cigarette lighter. Again, it’s something that every car has, but who would even think of stealing it? It can’t hold much, but it’s a great storage spot in a pinch for some valuable medication, papers, lottery tickets, or cash.

Sadly, it doesn’t work as an actual lighter, but hey, smoking kills. No one actually uses the car lighter for a lighter, do they? Aren’t they really just annoying plugs for covering the cell phone charger or GPS plug?

Finally, you could also just use another diversion safe for your car from your house. Just make sure it’s something that looks like it could belong in an automotive, like this fake lint roller.

Hopefully this gave you some ideas. Diversion safes work! Just make sure you’re using them to protect stuff that’s legal for you to have – The FBI has issued a bulletin about them, so cops know to thoroughly search anything that could be concealing something else.

Is a Diversion Safe Worth It?

What is a diversion safe?

Basically, a diversion safe is a disguised safe. The intention is to provide a place to store valuables in your home or office in a place no one would think to look. You can also get a diversion safe for your car – see this article.

Some of the classic examples are cutting out the middle of a large book, like an encyclopedia  (because face it, who uses these anymore?), and putting cash inside. From the outside, it looks like a normal book. The point is that if someone breaks into your house, they won’t find your money.

Thief Breaking into Window

A traditional home safe relies on a thief not being able to break in. The robber knows where what they’re looking for is, but can’t break through to get at the valuables. Of course, with enough time, pretty much any safe can be broken into with a hacksaw or cutting torch. A small, portable safe can be simply picked up and carried out by an intruder, so if you’re going this route, make sure you have something large, heavy, and securely attached to a wall or the floor.

A diversion safe relies on security through obscurity. Realistically, if someone breaks into your house, they’re not going to be looking in the pantry or cleaning supplies, they’re going to be looking in office desk drawers and grabbing electronics. No one wants to steal a can of soup, or a dictionary.

If you are going to go the camouflage diversion safe route, it’s a good idea to have some decoy valuables. Perhaps stick some money into a desk drawer, so an intruder will find it and assume they’ve found everything of value in the house. Otherwise, on finding nothing valuable, they might get suspicious and start looking through the cupboards.

Now for the real question: Is it worth it?

Is it worth it to buy a diversion safe?

There’s a tremendous variety available, and they’re generally pretty reasonably priced. You can get safes in the shape of a Mountain Dew can (or Coca-Cola or Sprite if you prefer), shaving cream, dictionaries, a candle, lip stick, a wall clock, and even my personal favorite, a hair brush.

Some of these make more sense than others. Obviously, the idea is to get something that won’t look like it’s worth stealing. It should also be something that looks natural in your house. For instance, if there’s no other soda in the house, that lonely can of Mountain Dew is going to look a bit suspicious. And of course, it could lead to awkward explanations if you have a thirsty guest!

If you don’t have a razor or any other shaving supplies, then a shaving cream safe might not be the best fit, and if you’re a Kindle fan and have no physical books around, then a dictionary will definitely stand out!

Coffee House Divergence Safe on Amazon

Yes, this is a safe

Also, some of these are so small that you can’t fit very much into one.
My other concern with these is whether it’s worth buying one as opposed to just using your own. For something like the hairbrush safe, you’d probably need to buy it. But for the coffee container safe, I guess I don’t really see the point of buying one versus just using your own empty coffee container! It’s not like the purchased one is going to provide much of any real barrier to a determined thief.

Some do have key access, but since they’re so small, someone could just take it, and again, with enough time, they’ll be able to open it and extricate the contents.

Anyway, I’m not convinced a diversion safe is completely worth it, but it is fun to see what’s available. Head over to Amazon and look at this tremendously creative selection of things you never would have thought of selling! Click here to go to Amazon and see their diversion safe collection.

Photo Credit: Eastlaketimes cc.