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How to Protect Your Laptop from Theft

Secure Laptop against theft

What is the single most valuable thing you own? For most of us, it’s a car or a house. Aside from those, however, I’d venture a guess that your most valuable possession is your laptop computer. I know my custom-built MacBook Pro was by far the biggest purchase I’ve ever made.

Beyond the obvious value of what you paid for it, your laptop also likely has tons of your personal information on it. I know I have my banking information, all my receipts and financial records, my photos, and lots of my scrapbook memories on mine, as well as software that I’ve purchased and installed.

Secure Laptop against theft
Now, obviously, no one is going to walk off with your house, and your car has its own insurance. But how do you protect your laptop from theft? After all, it’s lightweight and easy for a thief to just walk off with.

You can’t put it into a safety deposit vault at the bank (well, ok, you could, but then it would be about as useful to you as if it was stolen!), but there are some simple ways to secure your laptop against theft and to minimize the damage if it is stolen.

Protecting Your Laptop

Our first priority is to stop someone from stealing your computer. Now, the obvious way to keep is secure is to stay by it all the time. But, that’s not practical. For instance, many people use their laptops in the library, either in a public library or a college library. If you get up to go to the bathroom, or to get a cup of coffee, or even just to pick up a job from the printer, you probably don’t want to carry your computer with you.

Computer Security Cable

Security Cable on AmazonFortunately, you don’t need to. You’ve probably never noticed it, but your laptop almost certainly has a Kensington security slot on it. What is a Kensington security slot? It’s a little slot on your computer which provides an anchor to attach a security cable like this one to your computer.

The other end of the cable can be wrapped in a loop around a desk or a study carrel to keep your computer safe. It’s not a bad idea to use a cable like this in your dorm room as well, because even if you trust your roommates, you might not trust everyone who they could let into the room.

A combination lock computer security cable is also small enough to carry around in your computer case. Of course, it could be cut by a determined thief with a wire-cutters, but so could a bicycle lock. A cable should be more than enough to deter any opportunistic sticky-fingered passersby.

Laptop Security Safe

If you’re worried about an intruder breaking into your residence and want something stronger than a cable, you might be interested in a low-profile laptop safe like this one. This model has a digital lock and can easily fit most laptops or tablets. It also has soft padding to keep from scratching your baby.
Laptop Safe on Amazon.com

You can hide the safe in a desk drawer, or under a bed. Again, it’s not perfect against a determined thief, but it will definitely keep your nosy roommate from snooping on your stuff or stealing your identity! It also claims to be fire-resistant, so it should help at least a little in case of a fire.

If you’re more concerned about price, here’s a good budget laptop safe. This one is lighter, but it has its own Kensington security slot right on it to allow you to use a cable to secure the case to some furniture.

What If Your Laptop Is Stolen?

We’ve covered some good ways to keep your laptop safe from thieves, but what if it is stolen? What will you do to keep your data safe?

One of the biggest problems that almost no one thinks about until their device is stolen is passwords. Most people take advantage of the feature in their browser that automatically remembers passwords for the sites they use. That convenience is helpful, but if you lose access to your browser, there are two problems.

First, someone who has access to your computer has access to your passwords. To get around that, make sure you have a strong password set on your computer itself and that the password is required at login. Consider using a password management program to store your passwords, logins, and credit cards instead of the built in browser tool. Personally, I use 1Password for Mac and I’m really happy with it.

Second, if you lose access to your computer, you lose your own access to your data. Again, 1Password can help with this. You can keep all your password data and other important files and pictures in Dropbox so they’re automatically, securely backed up to the cloud and you can access them from other devices or over the internet.

Finally, make sure you have account validation and two factor authentication set up for all the websites you use that support it, like Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Hopefully these tips can help you keep your laptop secure against anyone who wants to take it!

Why You Need A Gun Safe

Yes, guns kill people. However, so do many other things, and there are a number of valid reasons to own a gun. Many people hunt for food or recreation, and many people people consider it necessary to have a gun for self protection, or for the protection of friends and family.

If your home or car is invaded, it definitely pays to have a gun handy to ward off the attacks and/or protect yourself and your loved ones however necessary. This is the only reason for many law abiding citizens to buy and carry guns. But guns are dangerous weapons and thus they need to be handled with great care.

Safely storing any guns around your house is essential. Having a gun around the home may make you feel safer against intruders, but what about your family members? Are they safe around the gun? Are your kids ‘gun-proof’? No matter how well-trained and well-behaved your children are, the answer must be no! The only way to safely store a gun is in a gun safe. A locked gun cabinet is a secure location where you can always keep the gun safely tucked away, yet easily accessible for when the need arises.

After you have acquired a gun and learned how to safely use it, buying the best gun safe you can afford is necessary. Having somewhere to safely and securely store your weapons in your house is not optional!

The process of selecting which gun safe to purchase is probably not as complex as that of learning how to shoot properly and gun safety, but that is a discussion for another day. What we are doing here today is highlighting the importance of having a gun safe in the house. This article has a few more details if you need more convincing.

Reasons Why You Need A Gun Safe:

1. To Protect Your Family
First and foremost, having your gun locked away in a safe place when not in use is just plain prudence. It doesn’t matter how enlightened your household is about gun safety, accidents happen all the time. Like cars, guns are inherently dangerous. Automobile accidents still happen every day, yet we all know how to drive! Some drive better than others, but you get the point. It is absolutely imperative that you keep your gun locked away so as to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Guns are not toys and they should never be treated as such.

2. Protection Against Intruders
As easy as it may appear in movies to get an untraceable gun on the street, reality is more challenging. Better gun control laws help stop criminals from buying guns in stores. However, that means budding armed robbers and murderers are always looking for a gun they can use that can’t easily be traced back to them. What better source that the naive, registered gun owner who just lets his weapon lie about within easy reach?

Not only is this dangerous to your own safety in the event of an intrusion (your own gun might actually be used against you), but it is also detrimental to your freedom. As unlikely as this scenerio might be, stranger things have been known to happen and you wouldn’t be the first person to have a run in with the law because your gun was used in a homicide somewhere. Having it locked away in a gun safe will keep it safe from un-invited hands. A quality safe is extremely difficult to break into and can give you peace of mind, knowing that only you has access to your gun.

3. Protecting your guns from disasters
It happens to the best of us. One day you may well wake up and your house will be under a pool of water or gutted in a fire. We all pray that this never happens, but again, accidents happen all the time. If you have a quality safe, your gun will be kept safely out of harm’s way in the event of any such disasters. Although you may have to wait for the insurance to get you a new house and furniture, you will not have any concerns when it comes to your precious gun!
As is this article describes, a gun safe is not only wise when you own a gun, it’s absolutely a necessity. The precise type, size and specifications of your safe will depend on how many guns you have, the type of guns you have and how much money you have to spend on this. But it’s not optional. Buying a safe is nearly as important as buying the gun itself. As much as you need to protect your family and yourself from those who mean to do you harm, you equally need to protect your family and yourself from doing yourselves harm.